Portfolio 2017

English Reflection

This was a Tupac “ 2 Pac “ Shakur presentation.

For Dr. Oz

1 Week, Presented In Front Of Class

Early Life, Rise To Fame, Cultural Background, After Death, etc.

Technology Reflection

Video Game Design

Taught By Mr. Cole

Time Given: 1-2 Weeks

Computer Programming Skills / Locate and Correct Errors in Script

Science Reflection


Mrs. Morgado

Time Given: 1 Day

Greater Understanding for Troubling Concepts

Film Studies Reflection

Film Studies

Mr. Dillon

Time Given: Approximately 3 Months

Essay Writing Skills / Analytical Perspective Of Film / Genre History

Civic Engagement Reflection


Ms. Perry

Time Given: Approximately 1 Month

Speak to Higher Authority / Involvement With Local Problems in Area / Speak Upon Local Topics

Washington D.C. Reflection

Class Of 2017

May 16 – May 23

Specific Location: Bureau Of Engraving And Printing

Create Informative Brochure / Explain & Teach Others About Location

Interest Assessment Results

The results of this assessment really didn’t surprise me a lot because most of the stuff that I got was already expected. I really enjoyed the few occupations that I haven’t even heard about. I did my research and learned about these occupations. In the end the results were “normal.”